SCCM 2022

2nd Workshop on Security for Custom Computing Machines

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The 2nd Workshop on Security for Custom Computing Machines will be a virtual workshop in conjunction with FCCM 2022 . The workshop will be held on Wednesday May 18 from 11:15 to 2:15 EST. (See below for Schedule)

Hardware security is an important design consideration. Recent events have raised awareness of security in general-purpose processors. As experts we must consider: What are the equivalents for reconfigurable architectures and custom computing machines? How do we defend against threats that exist today? How do we design our systems to defend against future threats? This is increasingly important as we deploy customized hardware at unprecedented scales.

This workshop is an opportunity to publicize our field at a top-tier conference. Our goal is to increase the awareness of ongoing research in this area, develop new collaborations, and share research progress.

Speakers and organizers listed in alphabetical order


Confirmed Speakers


The workshop will be organized as three 1-hour sessions with a 15 minute mini-keynote, 5-minute pre-recorded lightning presentations, and a 15-minute break for discussion.

Session A: Trusted Microelectronics

Time (EST)   Presenter
11:15 Opening Notes Dustin Richmond (UW)
11:20 Mini-Keynote Christof Paar (Max Planck Institute)
11:35 Video Presentation 1 Nele Mentens (KU Leuven)
11:40 Video Presentation 2 Jason Oberg (Tortuga)
11:45 Video Presentation 3 Christopher Clark (GTRI)
11:50 Video Presentation 4 Jakub Szefer (Yale)
11:55 Discussion Break  

Session B: Threats and Sidechannels

Time (EST)   Presenter
12:15 Opening Notes Mirjana Stojilovic (EPFL)
12:20 Mini-Keynote Dennis R. E. Gnad (KIT)
12:35 Video Presentation 1 Dina Mahmoud (EPFL)
12:40 Video Presentation 2 Colin Drewes (UCSD)
12:45 Video Presentation 3 Russ Tessier (UMass Amherst)
12:50 Video Presentation 4 Ilias Giechaskiel (Independent Researcher)
12:55 Video Presentation 5 Xiaolin Xu (Northeastern)
13:00 Discussion Break  

Session C: Integrity and Defenses

Time (EST)   Presenter
13:15 Opening Notes Jeff Goeders
13:20 Video Presentation 1 Aydin Aysu (NCSU)
13:25 Video Presentation 2 Debayan Das (Intel)
13:30 Video Presentation 3 Hayden Cook (BYU)
13:35 Video Presentation 4 Matt French (USC ISI)
13:40 Video Presentation 5 Christophe Bobda (Florida)
13:45 Discussion Break