SCCM 2023

The 3rd Workshop on Security for Custom Computing Machines (SCCM) will be held in conjunction with FPGA 2023.

Hardware security is an important design consideration. Recent events have raised awareness of security in general-purpose processors. As experts we must consider: What are the equivalents for reconfigurable architectures and custom computing machines? How do we defend against threats that exist today? How do we design our systems to defend against future threats? This is increasingly important as we deploy customized hardware at unprecedented scales.

This workshop is an opportunity to publicize our field at a top-tier conference. Our goal is to increase the awareness of ongoing research in this area, develop new collaborations, and share research progress.

Date & Time

Sunday, Feb 12, 2023. 9:00am - 12:30pm PST.


Monterey Marriott, room San Carlos III.



Confirmed Speakers

  • Chandni Bhowmik (Intel) Getting Logical Security Right for Modern FPGAs – A Battle with Complexity
  • Caroline Trippel (Stanford), Scalable Assurance via Verifiable Hardware-Software Contracts
  • Ali Keshavarzi (Stanford), Atoms and Bits of Edge Intelligence
  • Fatemeh Ganji (WPI), Side-Channel Protected NNs Through Secure and Private Function Evaluation
  • Shahin Tajik (WPI), On-Chip Impedance Sensing for System-Level Tamper Detection
  • Domenic Forte (UF), Revisiting RAM-Jam in the Face of Fault-Tolerant FSM Design and Layout
  • Hayden Cook (BYU), Cloning the Unclonable: Physically Cloning an FPGA RO PUF
  • Colin Drewes (Stanford), Pentimento: Data Residue in Digital Hardware
  • Ognjen Glamočanin (EPFL), Temperature Impact on Remote Power Side-Channel Attacks on Shared FPGAs
  • Shanquan Tian (Yale), Remote Power Attacks against Machine Learning Accelerators in Cloud FPGAs
  • Sujan Saha Kuman (UF), A Hardware/Software Framework for System-on-FPGA Security